Confidence Pendant

Confidence Pendant


Smokey Quartz Confidence Pendant in Rose Gold with Hexagon Selenite Crystal Cleansing Plate.

Smokey Quartz is a grounding and detoxifying crystal.

Choose this crystal to feel and attract CONFIDENCE.

The soothing vibrations from Smokey Quartz protect and dissolve negativity on all levels and it's earthly energy helps to relieve stress, lift moods and alleviate fear.


What consumes your mind controls your life.

Choose this crystal to anchor yourself to the earth and change negative thoughts into positive ones. Feel confident in yourself and attract stability and self-belief.

All LOA Jewellery Crystal Pendant Necklaces come with a Selenite Hexagon Cleansing Plate (see images).

Selenite is a high vibration crystal which magnifies the energy of any crystal placed upon it and can be used to cleanse and recharge pendant crystal charms.

All LOA Jewellery is solid silver and handmade in the UK.

Gold plating is 18 carat and 2 microns thick.

Chain length is 26 inches.

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